Early Childhood Development Associate Degree

Earn your

Early Childhood Development Degree

in Art

with SCTC

Associate of Art Degree in Early Childhood Education

Boost your qualifications in the early child development industry by earning an Associate of Art Degree in Early Childhood Education. It covers theories and practical knowledge for young children’s development, including: physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development, cultural intelligence, connecting with families and communities, curriculum development and more.

With an associate degree in Early Childhood Education from Southern California Teachers College, you’ll be equipped with relevant, up-to-date information taught by expert faculty with real-word education experience. Set yourself up for careers working with children in a variety of environments from daycares to classrooms, including leadership positions.

With your associate degree in Early Childhood Education, pursue careers like Daycare Provider, Camp Counselor, Recreation Coordinator, Infant/Toddler Caregiver, Teacher Aide or Assistant.


Applicants who complete SCTC Certificate requirements are eligible for pathway to an articulated Associates of Arts (AA) degree in Early Childhood Education by completing General Education Course as listed below.

Units: 67 | Core Courses: 13 (39 Units) | Common Courses: 10 (28 Units) |  Teaching Practice: 540 hrs

General Education Courses

ART 102 Art (3 units)

ENG 101 English 1- Classic Literature (2 units)

ENG 102 English 2- Writing (2 units)

CS 101 Computer Science (3 units)

MTH 101 Math (3 units)

BIO 101 Biology (3 units)

SOC 101 Sociology (3 units)

ECO 101 Economics (3 units)

PHIL 101 Philosophy (3 units)

PSYCH 101 Phycology (3 units)

ECE Core Courses

All ECE courses from ECE 101 – ECE 402

Two courses from either ECE 501 – 507 or ECE 601 – 603

One Teaching Practice course from either ECE 508 or ECE 604