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Southern California Teachers College was founded to provide convenience, affordability, and flexibility, for quality education to adult learners interested in pursuing a professional career in Early Childhood Education.

Teaching Philosophy

Our Teaching Philosophy

Learn with us to inspire students

Southern California Teachers College will prepare you to work in pre-K and elementary classrooms with an emphasis on teaching bilingual learners.

Graduates possess specialized knowledge and skills to serve the needs of students in the US and regions where Mandarin is spoken.

Certificate Programs

Preschool Teacher

Cal Assistant Teacher

Cal TA Certificate

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ECE Courses

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ESL Courses

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Associate of Art

Degree in Early

Childhood Education

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International Students

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ESL Courses

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Education can change how we view the world. Being an educator is also one of the most rewarding experiences that we have. In this rapidly changing society, we need educators to be able to inspire and cultivate our next generation. We need more passionate teachers to let students broaden their horizons. If you are up to the challenge, come join us and help to create a vision of the future. Southern California Teacher’s College can be the next chapter on your career journey.

Billingual Education and ESL classes


Online, Hybrid, and  In-person Classes


Earn California Preschool Chinese Teacher Certificate Within a Year


SCTC Tuition for International Student: $12,000/year


Associate Degree of Early Childhood Education

With an associate degree in Early Childhood Education from Southern California Teachers College, you’ll be equipped with relevant, up-to-date information taught by expert faculty with real-word education experience. Set yourself up for careers working with children in a variety of environments from daycares to classrooms, including leadership positions.

With your associate degree in Early Childhood Education, pursue careers like Daycare Provider, Camp Counselor, Recreation Coordinator, Infant/Toddler Caregiver, Teacher Aide or Assistant.

Teachers college

Theoretical Teaching

Through solid theoretical knowledge courses, understand the nature and diversity of early childhood education. Utilize research, follow the laws of solution methods, and create strategies to solve practical problems in teaching and technology.

Live Interaction

Through real-time interaction with the instructor, students can effectively  enhance the learning process and solve practical learning problems encountered. Instructor targeted students’ difficulty for individual coaching and give feedback.

Applied Practice

SCTC pays attention to students’ practical learning habit. Combining theory and practice with the accumulation of experience, students can effectively improve professional ability.